Monday, April 22, 2013

About Me

I am unaffiliated person in this conflict. I am not a Syrian nor have any relatives or friends in the region. I'm simply a concerned American citizen who would not want to see any further war in the Middle East.

I started becoming politically sensitive, like most, during the (Second) Iraq War. For most Americans, it was clearly an unnecessary conflict meant to bully a vulnerable, non-nuclear nation towards American interests. As stated before, it wasn't out of any good feeling toward Saddam Hussein that I was against the Iraq invasion, but simply as a peace-loving person, it was unacceptable to see my leaders lie, invade, and massacre a million+ people.

(And now the same situation is happening in Syria. The same thugs that were sent to destroy the Libyan nation are now re-hired to go north and kill Assad, sell off infrastructure, and reap profits from oil sales to continue their jihad.)

I took my political interests with me to university, and after some searching, soon got involved in the left groups there. It was then that I found a small group of people who were well-researched and very much interested in seeing some justice done in the world, after all the crimes of the Bush administration.

I left those political groups after university, but never lost interest in world events, and still consider myself highly politicized. This blog will be my outlet for events in Syria, as now is a desperate time, since the sale of weapons are being openly discussed by the Friends of Syria in the palatial settings of Turkey.

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